About Us

The best selection of import wines from around the world

World of WinesTM is a collections of award-winning, tasty and affordable quality wines from the world's leading wine countries that are imported into Thailand by Siam Winery.

Every World of WinesTM vintage is fresh, affordable and carefully chosen by our chief winemaker, Kathrin Puff to suit Thai taste and needs and to match up with your favorite Thai and international dishes.

You can trust World of WinesTM: We only select fresh, quality wines from renowned international partners such as E and J Gallo in California, McWilliams in Southern Australia, and Uniwine in South Africa.

We bottle them in the lastest-technology Stelvin screwcaps designed for tropical climates, and carefully check quality so you can be confident of getting the best tasting wine each and everytime. World of WinesTM strict temperature control process from our winery to your table guarantees consistant taste and refreshing quality eash and every bottle you pour. If you aspire to a wine lifestyle but find choice overwhelming, you'll love World of WinesTM Selection.

Choose from World of WinesTM portfolio of award-wining wines from around the globe: There's something for every occasion! Our wines are dependable, accessible and come in a variety of taste and styles, maling it easy to find the perfect wine for your favorite dish - at prices you can afford, with quality you can depend on, everyday.

product image If you aspire to a wine lifestyle but find choice overwhelming, you'll love the selection at World of WinesTM