Monsoon Valley

Extra Sec Rosé

The bright orange salmon sparkling is used the same production method as Champagne. It starts with the aroma of red berries and toast perfectly, leaving the long finish in the palate and a little tannin at the end.

Suggested Price (Including VAT) ฿ 1,799

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Varietal Info


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Taste & Aroma

The Sparkling Extra Sec Rosé is made in the traditional Champenoise method, from a strong selection of the best barrels and a blend of Shiraz. Aged 1 year on the yeasts, it shows fruitiness and freshness combined with sublime elegance. The Extra Sec Rosé is a delicate and beautiful salmon hued wine with fresh aromas of strawberries and blackcurrant. The bouquet is rich with red fruits and a lightly toasted note.

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Food Recommendation

Salmon, Caviar, Pomelo Salad and perfect for sipping

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