Monsoon Valley

White Shiraz Rosé

Vivid pink Rosé. An intriguing nose of wild strawberry, bonbon candies, and a lovely touch of spices. Fresh palate and up-lifted fruit concentration on the palate reflecting its nose.

Suggested Price (Including VAT) ฿ 750

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Varietal Info


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Taste & Aroma

Thailand’s first-ever crafting of Shiraz grapes into white wine, Monsoon Valley White Shiraz is intriguing and racy with hints of red fruits and black pepper and a pale salmon color. A refreshingly high acid level balanced by pure berry flavors and light tannin gives Monsoon Valley White Shiraz a medium body and light finish that makes it suitable for any time of day.

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Food Recommendation

With its nuance of acid and the superb firm berry fruit, the wine complements the taste of Pad Thai very well. Recommend to try it with Pomelo Salad or Spicy Thai Salad with fruits bits.

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